Two tips for those who have decided to use a hotel as their wedding venue

If you have decided to use a hotel as your wedding venue, you might be interested in these two tips.

Ask those you invite to specify if they need hotel accommodation when they RSVP

When sending invitations to your guests, you should pop a note in each envelope, asking each person to specify if they need a room at the hotel when they RSVP. This will mean you won't have to text or call each individual guest and ask about their accommodation needs in addition to sending them invitations. This could be particularly helpful if you have a very large guest list.

Additionally, if you wait until you have received everyone's RSVP before you book the rooms, instead of booking them in dribs and drabs, you may be able to select rooms that are on the same floor and perhaps the same corridor in the hotel. Having lots of your guests in the same area could make getting ready for the wedding far more fun. It could also be much more practical than having your guests' rooms spread all over the hotel (especially if the venue is big), as you won't have to waste time searching the hotel for anyone you want to speak to, as you'll all be in the same section of the building.

Find out what wedding decor they allow

Some hotels that are used as wedding venues have rules about decor they allow couples to put up for their nuptials. It's very important to ask if your hotel has any such rules before you start buying your wedding decorations.

For example, if you want an ice-sculpture at your reception, but the hotel doesn't allow decor like this because these sculptures can hurt hotel guests when they melt and chunks of the ice break off, then it's important to know this early on, as this will ensure that you don't won't waste time deciding which ice sculptor to hire or waste money by giving this sculptor a (possibly non-refundable) deposit. Knowing these rules at an early stage will also mean you'll also have time to find an alternative. For instance, you might want to order a faux ice-sculpture, made out of acrylic or glass, instead.

Similarly, if the hotel doesn't let couples use confetti (as it can harm birds who ingest it and is not usually biodegradable), you could stock up on bottles of party bubbles and let your guests shower you and your partner with bubbles, rather than confetti, as you leave the building.

For more information on hotel wedding venues, reach out to a local wedding planner.

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If you have decided to use a hotel as your wedding venue, you might be interested in these two tips. Ask those you invite to specify if they need hote