How to Make the Most of Your International Holiday

When on holiday in a foreign country, you want to ensure you make the most of your time abroad and soak in all the local sights and sounds. You might need to get out of your comfort zone a bit, but expanding your experiences when overseas often means a more enjoyable holiday and one that you'll remember for years to come.

Before you plan another holiday or even a business trip to a foreign country, check out some tips for when you're abroad. These suggestions will ensure you have the best time possible and come home with the best memories possible as well!

Look for Festivals

Visiting museums and other tourist attractions is an excellent choice for soaking up some culture, but attending festivals often allows you to meet local artists and musicians or enjoy parades and other shows you wouldn't see in a museum. Clothing bazaars and other such small, local shops might also showcase the handiwork of natives in that area, more so than clothes and other items at large retail stores.

Before you leave for your holiday, check online for local art shows and festivals, small concerts, city parades, bazaars and other such attractions. You might also plan on buying some souvenirs at such festivals to support the local economy and its artists.

Take a Tour

While you might prefer driving around by yourself, note that tours often include attractions you would otherwise miss. A tour guide can also give you plenty of information about the history of certain areas or the importance of various landmarks.

Guided tours are also typically safer for tourists than simply driving to a local attraction, landmark and the like, especially when you choose a large tour group rather than a private tour. Arrange to join tour groups or look for guided tour buses before you leave for your holiday so you get the most out of area attractions.


It might be tempting to stick to your favourite dishes when on holiday, and certainly you want to enjoy your meals when abroad, but consider trying some local dishes when in a foreign country. You might need to adjust to various spices and cooking methods but once you try a few dishes and items from a local menu, you might be surprised at how much you enjoy them. Ask the waitstaff for recommendations or do some research before you leave home, noting the ingredients of certain local dishes and then choosing ones you know you would enjoy. Reach out to different dining establishments to learn more.

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