How to Select Secure Motels When You Travel

 When travelling, it is essential for you to select a motel where your security will not be at risk while you are on the premises. Below are some of the things you can assess when you are comparing different motel accommodations.

The Locks

You should find out what kind of locks are installed in the guest rooms. Electronic locks with rolling codes are the best because it can be hard for an intruder to guess which code has been programmed to open the lock at any given time. Peepholes are also vital because they enable you to ascertain who is outside your room before you open the door.


Some motels provide phones that can only be used to call the front desk. Others provide phones that can dial outside the motel premises. It is better to select a motel whose in-room phones can call outside the premises. Such phones will enable you to call for help in case of an emergency, such as a fire. The phones available in the lobby and the hallways should also be incapable of making direct calls to the rooms occupied by motel guests. This is because an intruder can misuse them to make a guest let their guard down regarding someone who is coming to their room. Calls from the phones in the hallways or lobby should be directed through the operator of the phone system so that proper checks are conducted to verify who needs to communicate with a guest.

The Garage

Other security threats can originate from the way the parking area and the related facilities were designed. For example, do the available elevators take people to the guest rooms once one has parked a vehicle? Secure motels have elevators that can only take people to the lobby of the motel once they leave their vehicles in the garage. In this way, potential intruders can be spotted before they reach the room of a guest. Having direct access to the rooms from the garage can pose some threats since intruders may go unnoticed.

It may be hard for you to conduct all the checks above on your own before you book into a motel. It may, therefore, be helpful for you to ask your travel agent to do the necessary background checks so that he or she can give you a shortlist of motels that you can consider when you are travelling. Remember that no precaution is excessive when it comes to your security.

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