3 Ways to Find Cheap Accommodation When Starting Your First Job

Starting a first job can be daunting, especially if you move to a new city and need to start afresh. Before you get your job, you'll need to sort out things like rental accommodation, Internet providers, work commuting options and much more. This guide aims to help you save on rental accommodation when you start your first-ever job.

Be Open to Shared Accommodation

While it can be tempting to find a place of your own, you will end up paying more money for everything – food, rent, Internet, electricity and everything else that goes into running a home. Instead of trying to do everything on your own, be open to sharing accommodation with others. Not only will you reduce the rent you pay, but you will also share all other peripheral expenses—bringing down your day-to-day household costs considerably.

For example, the average electricity cost for a residential household is $1,524, which will eat significantly into a single person's budget. But sharing this expense with flatmates can bring down your expenses. Having roommates or flatmates gives you the opportunity to enjoy a healthy social life, while saving you some money along the way.

Look at Areas Near Your Office More Reasonably Priced than Others

Some areas are often more reasonable than others and offer good connectivity to your workplace, but you have to be prepared to do enough research to find them. For example, rent in Sydney's CBD could set you back approximately $640 per week for a one bedroom, but a similar sized property in a suburb like Ultimo just near the CBD and walking distance to most offices will cost $422 in comparison. Even if you plan to share the space, you don't have to look at expensive neighbourhoods. Cheaper neighbourhoods can save you a lot of time and money too.

Leave Out the Perks for Now

While it's tempting to move into homes with existing dishwashers, elevators, air conditioners and other similar perks, keep in mind that they generally come at an extra cost. Do you absolutely need an elevator when your young self can use the additional exercise by walking up a flight of steps? Do you really need an air conditioner when you could spend more productive days outdoors? While these perks are fantastic to have, you simply don't have the budget when you first start out, so be prepared to make a few sacrifices to keep your rental costs low.

Keeping accommodation costs low requires some thinking, but the effort is well worth it when you enjoy a healthy bank balance in the future. To learn more, contact budget rental accommodation services. 

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